Discover the Chocolate Renaissance

The flavors of Europe pour into each of our handmade gourmet delicacies. Our products bring the old world tradition of rich, sumptuous flavors into the modern age and to your doorstep.  KOKKU products are Distinctively Gourmet.



We are constantly on the lookout for deliciously flavored ingredients that create a party on the palate.   Open jar insert spoon!

KDG Dark & Milk Chocolate Bars - A brand new KOKKU favorite
In February 2013 there was a new addition to the KOKKU family of products:

  • KDG 62% Dark Chocolate - A new Classic Dark Chocolate Bar with distinctive flavor.  KDG has prevailed in selecting the finest kakao from around the world.  Chocolatier Kevin has designed flavors from the bean in this Dark that leave you craving for more.  Unlike any other chocolate he has ever made with rich and dreamy chocolate tones, hints of raspberry and cherry, and a lingering earthy character. This Artisan KDG dark chocolate can be paired beautifully with any fruit forward red wine such as a Spanish Tempranillo or California blended red.
  • KDG 40% Milk Chocolate - KDG has raised the bar on chocolate to a new level.  Our new handmade Milk Chocolate Bar is submerged with wicked flavors of chocolate pudding and creamy tones that will leave you speechless.
Chocolate Sauces
  • Signature Chocolate  Blend  - This wonderful sauce, rich and fudgy "like liquid pudding" can be dipped, sipped, or poured over anything to enhance and create chocolicious flavor.
  • Sheer Creme White Chocolate Sauce - Creamy smooth and unadorned, with just a hint of Pear, this sauce can be poured over any dessert to hear the words "Oh my gosh this is delicious!" from all your dinner guests!  This is a home chef favorite.
  • Sheer Dark - Discover the passion and secrets of dark chocolate when you open the jar.  Dairy Free/Vegan. Reduced Calorie; 35% less than all other sauces. 
  • KOKKU English Caramel Sauce - Buttery and bombastic in goodness; Packed with caramel flavor and toffee notes; a trip to heaven.

 Vanilla Extract - Exotic aromas pour from the open bottle. Kokku is changing the face of flavor with a handmade vanilla that will make your baked goods and cocktails the hit of the party. How can there be so much flavor in one bottle? Your friends will wonder how you did it.

Hot Gourmet Cocoa - Elegant and velvety elixer that comes in a ground chocolate mix. Just add milk and the creamy chocolate tones will leave you wanten after each sip.

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